We like each other, this is clear. So now we want to work together creating something totally gorgeous - something to make your brand go pa-pow. I’ll use this time to get a solid understanding of the page you’re on and the page you want your business to be on. We’ll chat about what’s working, what’s not working and draft a plan to get us where you need to be.

GOAL | We’ll be seeing eye to eye and be excited to get the party started.



It’s that magical time when I take our conversations and give you some eye-candy. Eye-candy is fun. You give the yays and nays and we come to a gorgeous conclusion of inspiration that will shape the direction we take the rest of your project.

GOAL | You fall hard for your mood board.



Let’s bring it all together. We have a mood board and now it’s time to knock your socks off. I’m going to get busy so I can show your first round of logos. I’ll deliver several different logo concepts based on steps one and two. We’ll nail the logo down and base the rest of your designs (patterns + textures + sub marks + typography, etc.) around the cornerstone of your new brand.

GOAL | You can’t stop looking at your designs and want to show all your friends sneak-peeks. 



Here we are...and we’re both a little bit sad, but very excited! At this point we are going to tie up all the odds and end, bits and bobs. Something needs tweaked? You bet. Let’s make your new brand polished, tie it up with a pretty bow, and put it into action. I’ll take all your new branding material and splash it across all your social media outlets + print materials. 

GOAL | Sit back and enjoy all the “ooo’s + ahh’s!


Well played. You're going to look amazing.